Things cats hate.

Cats don’t like it when strangers touch or rub their bellies. Their stomachs are considered a vulnerable spot and they will only roll over and show their bellies if they feel 100% secure in their environment. A cat has to have complete trust for you in order to allow you to rub that spot. If you don’t know a cat, you’d better leave their stomach area alone unless you want your hand to look like swiss cheese. Even the most cat illiterate person knows that cats hate water. They mostly hate to be submerged in water. While cats are usually able to swim when necessary, they still would prefer not to ever have to be submerged in water. You would have to feed your cat cheap food from a very very young hungry age for them to tolerate eating cheap cat food. And when I say cheap food, I’m talking about the bags of food that you can get from the dollar store! You might as well feed your cat ground up bones and leaves.



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