24 Hour Technology Detox

Over Thanksgiving break I was given an assignment to go 24 hours without technology. This meant no cell phone, internet, computer, TV, and Ipod. Also over the Thanksgiving break my Aunt passed away. I was very close to my Aunt and considered her to be my second mom. The Technolgy Detox that I had to endure as a homework assignment proved to be fairly easy. I was constantly surrounded by family to which I didnt need to use technology to get ahold of. People came out of the woodworks to help my family with funeral preperations. I was so shook up over the unexpected loss that i had turned my phone off for almost two days. When I turned it back on I had multiple missed calls and unread texts from friends that had heard about my loss. If I had not experienced this loss when I was doing the detox it more than likely would have been harder for me. Overall I barely even noticed that I was going through a technology detox becuase of my Aunts passing.

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