Teacup Persian:

Fun Fact! Kim Kardashian recently adopted a Teacup Persian and named her Mercy, after he boyfriend Kanye’s new album.

These cats are unique, as they look exactly like normal Persian cats, with long fur and their crazy flat faces, but will never grow more than 6lbs for females and 7lbs for males. When they are full-grown, they are about 8 inches tall when sitting. Standard Persians range from 10lbs to 13lbs in weight. Despite their small size, Teacup Persians are still Persians, and are likely to have health problems that normal-sized Persians have, such as urinary tract disorders, lupus, eyelid cysts, and various cancers. Many people have moved into smaller houses and apartments, and because of the space restrictions, the demand for teacup Persians has exploded. Teacups are not a strange genetic mutation, but rather the result of selective breeding of smaller-sized Persians.

I just love these cute little balls of fur!




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