Turkish Angora:

I actually own one of these cats. It is very outgoing. I love everything about his personality but, he is a very picky eater. For some strange reason he will only eat meow mix,  He is though addicted to temptations, a cat snack, and will eat 3 bags a day if i let him. So Meow Mix and Temptations are his favorite foods and will scoure at anything else i put in his bowl, also if I let him out the back door he will run right around to the front door and ask to come in, and then he will run straight to the back door and repeat the process over and over. He is a strange cat, but is very protective over my baby sister and I find him in the morning at the end of her crib watching over her. I love my cat! He just has a very strange and distinct personality, like most Angoras.

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