7 Cannons

Seven Cannons of Journalism:

For as long as the news paper has been around, society has been trying to figure out fact from fiction, truth from lies, mistakes, and misprints. That is why some members of Nihon Shinbun Kyokai (The Japan Newspaper Publishers and Editors Association) created the seven cannons of journalism. they wanted to make a set of traits every journalist should have, so that we, society didn’t have to worry about if what we were reading was something made up or incorrect. The seven cannons of journalism are responsibility, freedom of the press, independence, sincerity, truthfulness, actuality, impartiality fair play and decency. Responsibility is a characteristic someone has that demonstrates efficiency when taking care of certain things. If you are responsible you will do things you know need to be done. It is your responsibility to take care of
your children, for example. Responsibility is a important trait in the journalism
world and society because it states that you are going to do what you are needed to.Responsibility can be defined as assuming accountability for a task,
decision or action. A person is said to be responsible for something when he or
she accepts the consequences of something. Freedom of the press is . the right to publish newspapers, magazines, and other printed matter without governmental restriction and subject only to the laws of libel, obscenity, sedition. This section gives the right to print ideas so that people can reach others. it also keeps the citizens aware of the governments actions. without this right to the public would have to rely on the other sources to keep them  informed of the action taken not only by the national government, but the local government as well. Independence would be to not take what your publishers views are and put it in your paper. be independent as a writer, be independent for your work and dont copy someone elses also. Sincerity is being sincere to your audience. you wouldnt want someone to not take in consideration of your feelings when they write about something that affects you. Truthfullness is a big one. readers do not want to read something that is not true. they want to view information that is accurate. They do not want to read that obama is gay, because we know that is false. it is important to be a true journalist because if you tell a bunch of lies, no one will take you serious, and you wouldnt build up a fan base of your findings. being true is not only apart of the seven cannons of journalism but a part of moral values. Actuality goes along with truthfullness. you want whatever you are writhing or reporting about to be accurate. you dont want to put in your report that 2+2=5 when it equals 4. people want accurate information to read daily they do not want fake news to read each morning. Fair play is important too. friendly competiton is always a good idea but you want to make sure that whatever your reporting is fair. saying all women get a free drink tonight is far from fair. you want to make sure taht ll of your viewers are being treated equall in all that you do. Decency is a good one. to be decent is to not offend anyone in your writings. if you were to offend someone reading or watching you, they more than likely wouldnt watch you for very long, therefore loosing an audience. that is never any fun, loosing a fan.

The Seven Cannons of journalism is something every journalist should go by. Consider it as a check list that you use when reporting something or writing something that a lot of people will view.

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