Sphynx cats came from Toronto, Canada, after a domestic pet cat gave birth to a kitten that was hairless. Overtime the Sphynx was taken too Europe and the U.S. and well, due to their hairless bodys, became quite popular. Although personally, I would never own one of these cats, it is ranked the 7th most popular breed according to the Cat Fanciers Association.

What makes them so unique? Besides the obvious features…

The Sphynx is often referred to as the “feline alien” for its small face, large bat-like ears, wrinkled skin, a potbelly, and almost no hair. Some types of Sphynx cats have no whiskers or eyebrows as well.

They look mean, but they are one of the nicest and loving cats out of all the breeds, they are people cats and do well around strangers.

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